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UPDATE: An Atamora from IBK



From IBK:

All is very well but we had a little setback. Just when you think you know it all, a little alteration can send you back to the drawing board.

Everything went perfect with the new filter samples. They came out stronger with the new particle size of sawdust and clay. We thought we were good to go but decided to mix materials for a longer time. We mixed for forty minutes rather than the usual fifteen minutes.

After firing the first batch, the filters became even stronger but most of them had a very slow flow rate…under a liter!!!!!

The way forward is to go back to find a new ratio to pass the flow rate tests and mix at forty minutes.

We are on the new mix now with 18 per cent sawdust. Firing is in ten days time.

Thanks for your concern I’m also eager to get to microbial tests stages but there are no shortcuts in filter production.


Update from Atamora: Ron Rivera Hall


Fr. Dick,

This quarter’s workshop of the craft potters of Nigeria Southwest zone was very successful.

Early Friday morning saw the dedication of the Ron Rivera Hall. With the village chief invited to cut the ribbon.

The building is under construction but safe for use from this moment. Thanks to PWAG for providing the doors and some chairs for the Ron Rivera multipurpose hall.

I shall keep you posted as events unfold.








Testing Water Filters

If you’ve ever wondered what the methods PWAG uses to test and help develop filter procedures, check out the video with PWAG members Mike Stubna and Mark Vann. The pair met up to test build a batch of filters and test their methods at the Stubna Ranch in Walker’s Mill, Pa.

Shoes for Atamora



We are very grateful for the kindness shown to us by Cynthia Blackwell of PWAG by providing shoes for us in Atamora through a church that we don’t know but God Almighty knows and will surely reward abundantly.

This long story from Ron Rivera to recent successful happenings keep bringing tears to my eyes.

Thank you all.


Ron Rivera Hall



On behalf of the Craft potters association of Nigeria CPAN I write to thank PWAG for the financial support of a thousand Dollars towards the entrance door project of the Ron Rivera Hall. The Hall has three doors. Two on the frontage and one on the side leading to the rest rooms. The large 6ft by 7ft door will have a second door on the inside made of glass and aluminum. Please be patient with us we are moving forward. I shall keep you posted!
Thanks for everything!



IBK returns


Dear Chris
Thanks for picking me up at the airport. I’m so happy to be back in Pennsylvania. You know I was full of hopes on the flight from Lagos to Houston. To be able to meet great people who already made names in ceramics Water filter production. People like Lisa Balentine, like Maximo from Honduras, Radhames from Dominican Republic. Professor Manny Hamandes and of course the highly respected Mike Stubna. When the plane landed in Houston, some women began clapping their hands and I imagine they were clapping for me. The delay in my flight to Pittsburgh from Houston was worth it. I am here now. Received a warm welcome back to the pot shop at Slippery Rock University. I met friends from my last year visit and new friends too. Professor Tricia Bishop is in charge co ordinating logistics in a very friendly way. I noticed more potters wheels in the studio and much more action than last year. Mike Stubna brought the filter pressing machine assisted by Anthony DeRosa and others to assemble in readiness for tomorrow’s action. I able to meet two classes of students to share my experience and mission with them. Thanks for driving me down all the way to Slippery rock yesterday and I hope to see you at the conference

International Water Filter Conference


International Water Filter Conference
April 1 and 2, 2016
Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock Pennsylvania

This conference will present significant insight and opportunities to impact the worldwide health problem of drinking water pollution and create lasting change. All educators, students, community partners and the public at large are invited to attend, especially those with an interest in the role of art in promoting issues of global health and social justice. Through lectures and live demonstrations, an international diverse group of presenters will educate participants on health issues, filtration benefits and the role of ceramic arts technical and creative production in raising awareness of global waterborne diseases.

Jose Edgar Villalobos Enciso
Associate Professor, Universidad Autonoma de Chiapas, School of Civil Engineering,Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico. Facilitator of ceramic filters to rural and indigenous communities in Chiapas, Mexico. 

Patricia Elke Rodríguez Schaeffer
Associate Professor, Universidad Autonoma de Chiapas, School of Civil Engineering, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico. Engineering Projects: Environment, Safety, Quality 
and Communication

Michael Stubna
Active in Ceramic filter production and research in Naaghdaha, 
Nepal and Turta Gutierrez, Mexico

Ibukunoluwa Ayoola (IBK) 
Master Potter, Managing Director of Atamora Pottery Osun State Nigeria (filter 
production and training center)

Maximo Andreus
Filtros Andreus, Sabanagrande, Honduras, and water filter 
producer/machine designer and fabricator

Lisa Ballantine
Founder of FilterPureFilters Dominican Republic.

Radhmes Carela
Master potter and director of AguaPure, Dominican Republic

Oscar Munoz
Executive director of the Colonias Project, Texas A&M University

Dr. Mark Meyer
President Shoulder to Shoulder Pittsburgh/San Jose

Ian Nettleship
Professor of engineering at the University of Pittsburgh

Marie Winter
Nurse Practitioner Steel City Missions

Richard Wukich
International Coordinator Potters Water Action Group

Christopher Rolinson
Professor of photojournalism at Point Park University, Documentarian/President Potters Water Action Group

Neal Harrison
Filter press fabricator/manufacturer. E.H. Schwab Company

Conference Schedule

Facebook: Potters Water Action Group
Instagram: @potters_water_action_group, #pwagiwfc
Twitter hashtag: #pwagiwfc

Conference Map

Local Hotels:
Fairfield Inn
Apple Butter Inn

Ground Transportation:
Airport Orbit

International Water Filter Conference sponsored by:

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