UPDATE: An Atamora from IBK



From IBK:

All is very well but we had a little setback. Just when you think you know it all, a little alteration can send you back to the drawing board.

Everything went perfect with the new filter samples. They came out stronger with the new particle size of sawdust and clay. We thought we were good to go but decided to mix materials for a longer time. We mixed for forty minutes rather than the usual fifteen minutes.

After firing the first batch, the filters became even stronger but most of them had a very slow flow rate…under a liter!!!!!

The way forward is to go back to find a new ratio to pass the flow rate tests and mix at forty minutes.

We are on the new mix now with 18 per cent sawdust. Firing is in ten days time.

Thanks for your concern I’m also eager to get to microbial tests stages but there are no shortcuts in filter production.