IBK returns


Dear Chris
Thanks for picking me up at the airport. I’m so happy to be back in Pennsylvania. You know I was full of hopes on the flight from Lagos to Houston. To be able to meet great people who already made names in ceramics Water filter production. People like Lisa Balentine, like Maximo from Honduras, Radhames from Dominican Republic. Professor Manny Hamandes and of course the highly respected Mike Stubna. When the plane landed in Houston, some women began clapping their hands and I imagine they were clapping for me. The delay in my flight to Pittsburgh from Houston was worth it. I am here now. Received a warm welcome back to the pot shop at Slippery Rock University. I met friends from my last year visit and new friends too. Professor Tricia Bishop is in charge co ordinating logistics in a very friendly way. I noticed more potters wheels in the studio and much more action than last year. Mike Stubna brought the filter pressing machine assisted by Anthony DeRosa and others to assemble in readiness for tomorrow’s action. I able to meet two classes of students to share my experience and mission with them. Thanks for driving me down all the way to Slippery rock yesterday and I hope to see you at the conference